Okay i’m going to rant for a bit.. Buckle up bitches i’m about to split your minds with my logic. I don’t understand how it is completely okay for boys to have more than one “thing” or talk to more than one person but if a girl does it she’s a whore or she obviously isn’t girlfriend material because she can’t stick with one guy. How is it fair I have to compete in order for you to date me or get your attention but im not allowed to talk to other boys?! God forbid you actually have to compete for a spot where there are probably better candidates especially if you’re going to be an asswipe and tell me I can’t talk to other people when you have 3 other girls on your dick! It’s a double standard dickweed if you can be inside other girls im sure as hell allowed to shove my tongue down some dudes throat. Plus last time I checked you weren’t man enough to drop the other bitches and make me your girlfriend so I have no commitment to you fuckhead. And I realize all boys aren’t the same but I have been dealing wih a lot of cuntwands lately and I felt the need to rant.